Koala Land was born out of a report that has been commissioned by Al Mucci, General Manager of Life Sciences. The objective of the report is to consider ways of creating a sustainable future for koalas and people on the Koala Coast, South East Queensland, Australia.


The report aims to recommend ways of protecting Koalas and Koala habitats. By presenting the perfect habitat for koalas, the report will establish and illustrate what is needed to maintain existing Koala habitats and to rethink sustainable environments where humans and Koalas can live side by side. The report aims to bring together information from every possible applicable source, with statements and suggestions from specialist contributors, providing a full picture of the koala situation right now and what we have to do to stop our koala from becoming extinct.


We would love to hear what you have to say – your feedback through this website will be incorporated into our ideas development and rethinking. This is an opportunity for you to make contributions towards the Koala Research report and property development and home owner guidebook. We will also release sneak previews of the report and guidebook through the Koala Land website to see what you think.


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