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Koala Crossing

Koala Crossing

Coomera Waters, Queensland. Photo: Mark Gerada

Koala Land is a starting point for helping koalas.


You Find a Koala:

How can I tell if a koala is sick or injured?

What to do if you see a sick, injured or dead koala?


If you see a koala in trouble, then contact:

If you live in or near koala habitat, the things you can start by doing things in your own backyard. We have to think differently about our fences, our dogs, the way we drive, even planting koala trees can make a difference. We will be providing a list of what trees koalas like, including plants that provide shade for koalas in the hot summer months. You might have suggestions – what are you doing in your own backyard and neighbourhood to help koalas?


Stay Informed about Koalas
Koala Conservation Project

Koala Conservation Project

More koala facts, infomation and resources

By learning, we will become more aware so that we can let government and the building and development industry know what we want. By demanding more humane and sustainable methods of using the land, we can help the building and property development industry to give us better places to live so that koalas can live as well.
We recommend that you visit the Australian Koala Foundation. The David Suzuki Foundation also suggests Driven to Action, which deals specifically with issues of urban sprawl. This guide outlines how to gather people in your community to discuss issues, as well as how to contact media and government.

Also, were you aware that the koala is the subject of a recent Federal Government of Australia Senate Inquiry?

And keep an eye out for National Threatened Species Day, on September 7.