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December 9, 2013

PHOTO: The WWF says its tree clearing report has been reviewed by independent ecologists. (ABC TV – file image)

A new report has found State Government plans to relax tree clearing laws in Queensland would be an environmental disaster.


MAP: Rockhampton 4700


The stu...

December 5, 2013

John Bynes at Old Petrie Town where one 300-year-old fig tree will be destroyed. Photo: Tony Moore.

Koalas will emerge as a political flashpoint in Southeast Queensland in 2014-15 as a Queensland government will again test a proposal to clear koala habitat to build a ne...

October 29, 2013

Here is some damning analysis and reporting by the Rainforest Alliance and the Rainforest Stewardship Council.


Australia’s biggest wood-chipping company admits koala mistreatment. WARNING: this report contains disturbing images.


Australian Broadcasting CorporationBroad...

October 24, 2013

Follow individual koalas from a small social group on an Australian island to learn just how a koala manages to survive and thrive on a diet poisonous to almost all other herbivorous mammals. From the miracle of marsupial birth to tender moments of discovery between mo...

October 17, 2013

This story really highlights the need for wildlife corridors in new urban developments.


Dreamworld’s Al Mucci is on the frontline of koala conservation, yet he regularly sees sick, dead and injured wildlife on the way to work.


Here’s some slightly more upbeat documenta...

August 31, 2013

Mark Gerada is an artist and designer who also lectures at UTS. He was enlisted by Al Mucci of Dreamworld to embark on a project – Koala Land – which brings attention to the dramatic decline of koalas due to competition with humans for habitat, and prevent the the exti...

August 19, 2013

Please join us this Wednesday 21 August 6-8pm for the opening of Koala Land, an exhibition by Mark Gerada.


Level 4 courtyard, UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, 730 Harris St, Ultimo.


See how innovative visual communication design can influence governmen...