land made barren for development


billboard - watch this space

The big challenge that we face in Koala Land is to create sustainable and koala friendly places. We have to rethink the way that we use land. At Koala Land we want to produce a new guidebook that lists what the people, government and property developers need to do to help koalas.


The guidelines will show as what we can do now, what we must start doing, and how we might have to live in the future so that koalas can live as well. This is a great opportunity to create beautiful places and communities where people can live and work and play side by side with koalas. Imagine the sense of pride.


How would you like to live in the future?


For the new Australian Dream, watch this space.

The David Suzuki Foundation has suggested referring to Driven to Action, which specifically relates to urban sprawl issues. The guide outlines how you can gather people in your community to discuss issues, as well as how to contact media and government.