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An Amazonian Manatee. Photo from

We strongly recommend viewing the BBC’s Last Chance to See: A Search For Animals on the Edge of Extinction. So many of the very inspiring and truthful words presented in the series relate so closely to the koala’s situation. InEpisode 1, Amazonian Manatee, Stephen Fry says, “The biggest mass extermination is happening on the planet right now because of humans, but, only humans can put it right… Extinction happens, and the world keeps turning. Does it matter if the Amazonian Manatee ceases to exist? Some would argue that each species has a crucial place in the complex eco-system. Perhaps. But this is what I think. I think that it’s just indecent if humanity through our neglect should cast it into oblivion – an intricately perfect piece of evolutionary engineering millions of years in the making. I think that somehow, we have to do better than that.”

An Amazonian Manatee. Photo from

Stephen Fry’s co-host, Mark Carwardine, adds that “when dealing with endangered animals, it can’t be just about facts and figures…you can get really bogged down and dragged down by all these population figures and trends and animals disappearing and declining numbers, and some would think that there’s no hope at all.” Carwardine says that what gives him hope is seeing people put so much energy into saving singular animals. We see this example in Australia – people putting a lot of energy into saving singular koalas in the hope that this species will survive the damage that us humans are doing.

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