Queensland Koalas

The Queensland koala population is an important population for all of Australia because it is natural – it is one of the only populations left in Australia where koalas are existing naturally in their natural physical environment. In other words, Queensland koalas have not been manipulated, introduced, or reintroduced. As we have discussed in previous posts, the situation is Queensland, especially areas like the Koala Coast, is dire.

Even in these special natural koala habitats, humans are already having to translocate koalas out of necessity, making informed decisions about genetics, managing disease, and rehabilitating and reintroducing the injured.

At Koala Land, we would prefer that was not happening, but if such human interference were not happening, koalas in areas within and at the fringes of the ever expanding urban footprint would be even closer to extinction. We have to make sure that existing healthy koala populations are protected, especially the uniqueness of the Queensland population, and that koala populations and habitats that are already threatened or destroyed are carefully managed and regenerated.

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