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Koala Campaigners (now Koala Army) is an initative run by the Australian Koala Foundation to raise awareness surrounding the plight of koalas and the environment.

WHY? Habitat loss around the world means we are losing biodiversity every day. Koalas are a flagship species for this disaster. Sharing their habitat with over 400 threatened plant and animal species, they represent the urgent need for governments to protect habitats now!

HOW? Koala Campaigners will pressure for change. From signing petitions, to emailing politicians, to rallying together.

GOALS? Koala Campaigner goals are to achieve effective legislation to protect the koala and its habitat, leading the way for countries around the world. KC’s will provide education on the importance of preserving existing trees, and give a united voice to conservation groups working to protect wildlife.

Join them here.


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