The Koala Sprint Has Come To A Standstill

It’s possible that Minister Burkes decision in February 2012 will defer responsibility to Federal Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett. Let’s hope Minister Garrett’s passion for the environment hasn’t been completely consumed by the stuffy halls of the House of Representatives in Canberra.

Strangely enough Midnight Oil performed a song titled Koala Sprint 30 years ago… How times have changed!!!

The Lyrics from 1:10 are particularly poignant!

And I’m not listening to anybody else they’ve got their views, it’s called money…. so… Stay away

And out from the echoes of the night Concrete caverns catch the sky and hold the stars to ransom A thousand dreams it’s getting late Thousand runners standing still I can smell the sand and sea again I’ve had enough away City times down down I’ve got to go Lord don’t let me wait Stay low ‘Cause I’m going up north again

It’s a long way from Chatswood to the top of the gulf I’ll be hitching pacific when the morning sun’s up It’s mile after mile on the long coast road Smell of frangipani ocean sky blue

But I’m sick of seeing those beer can caravans I’m getting even sicker of the thong drive-in I’m feeling worse and worse at the chiko locallo And the pubs all close at ten

Summer sun’s got me stopping Summer sun’s got me trying I’m waiting round for those waves and days I hope it never ends

Well there’s a new world bricking in the Old World charm Suburbs highway pass cicada-coloured farms Buy a car, sell a car, lead a car away 20 hours to Brisbane on night prowl play 20 hours to Brisbane…where’s Brisbane…


How can we sleep while our trees are burning?

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