Generation Y And Lawn Mowers

Can you imagine Gen Y mowing their lawns?

Lawn mowing is a new thing – it has only been around for for a few generations. Yet for most it’s a chore, a chore that we don’t even question. It’s a requirement of the Dream. A big house with a lawn.

It’s time to rethink this habit. Lawns are damaging to so many animals’ habitats, and they take up precious space. One day we might have to let go of the idea of new houses with lawns, and existing lawns will have to be valued more. What’s become even more ridiculous is that new houses have become so large that the remaining areas of lawn have become so little that it defeats the purpose of having a lawn in the first place. We spend more time indoors, and less time in our yards. Lawns are a hangover from an old dream.

For many of us lawns have become a hassle, and it is difficult to imagine Generation Y, the housing market of the near future, wanting to mow lawns – it really is the time to create a new dream.

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