New Posters For The Australian Koala Foundation

For a project for her Master of Design at University of Technology Sydney, Qian Meng proposes a beautiful series of new posters for the Australian Koala Foundation. The posters read; “Did you know that the koala’s fingerprint and the human’s fingerprint are almost the same?” “Have you ever carefully looked at your fingerprint? Did you know that human and koala fingerprints are so similar that the naked eye cannot tell the difference? Koalas are close to extinction – their destiny is in our hands.”

“Will our children see the koala? What do we need to do? Protect koala habitat. Yeah, this is our responsibility.”

“We need to work together. For koalas to survive extinction, we all need to cooperate.” “We can work together. If we stop and listen to what is going on, Koalas will teach us what to do.”

#art #conservation

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