Moorebank Intermodal Threat To Koalas



7 Mar 12 @ 05:00am

By Shae McDonald

John Anderson is worried the koala population will be under threat. Photo: ARMEN DEUSHIAN.

KOALAS are at risk of becoming extinct in the local area if the Moorebank intermodal goes ahead.

That’s what Wattle Grove resident John Anderson believes – and he’s fighting on behalf of the mammals whose population here, he says, is under threat.

“There are about 43,000 koalas left in the wild and they have a mortality rate of 4000 per year,” Mr Anderson said. “At that rate they’re at risk of being extinct.”

A large number of the native animals reside in the Holsworthy and Sandy Point areas, near the proposed site for the controversial intermodal transport terminal.

“There is one of the largest populations of koalas in that area,” Mr Anderson said. “I have no doubt it will have an impact on their habitat.”

The long-time resident sent a letter to federal Environment Minister Tony Burke last year about the issue.

His reply said the government was committed to protecting koalas and he was considering adding them to the threatened species list.

However, Mr Anderson said the minister has been reluctant to add them.

The Leader called Mr Burke’s office, but did not get a response by deadline.

Signs removed after outcry

SIGNS protesting against the proposed Moorebank intermodal have been taken down after Liverpool Council abandoned support for the website at its last council meeting.

The move came after a controversial post was published on the site on February 21.

Residents angered by the comments spoke at the February 27 meeting, calling the post “foul’’ and requesting it be taken down.

The council moved a motion to run an internal investigation into the matter because it involved a councillor. They voted to remove all promotional material which supported the site and issue a request to the South West Community Alliance owners to remove the comment and issue an apology.

As of March 6, the controversial comments remained at the site.

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