Eurobodalla Koala Surveys Starts At Bodalla

21 Mar, 2012 10:48 AM

A SMALL 4WD convoy will depart Bodalla Fire Station this morning to conduct the first of a series of Eurobodalla koala surveys.The group is made up of volunteers from the local area and Canberra, plus National Parks personnel, with the consent of Forests NSW and a private landholder.

This will be the first of a series of weekly outings, aimed at surveying a total of 15 plots, including 10 at Tinpot.

“Realistically, we don’t expect to find koala scats, but the ground-proofing data we collect on eucalypts is even more important for the predictive habitat model,” said volunteer coordinator Keith Joliffe.

Data from these surveys will be compiled in an “attribute table” as part of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis, cross-checked against vegetation-type maps, and interpreted in a pilot study testing a “predictive habitat model” in the field of ecological theory.

The bush surveys will help determine if Eurobodalla’s forests will sustain a revived low-density koala population.

This work is possible thanks to a financial subsidy from the Coastwatchers Association Environment Fund.


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