Tweed and Bryon Councils Want $2.2M Federal Funding For Koala Trees

Troy Kippen | 28th March 2012 5:00 AM

Tweed and Byron councils want more than $2 million to plant trees for koalas in the area.

THE Tweed Shire Council wanted the Federal Government’s help to plant koala trees across the shire.

In a joint funding application with the Byron Shire Council, the two councils are seeking $2.2million to plant trees to increase koala habitat by 200ha and regenerate 25ha of bushland.

The application is through the Federal Government’s Biodiversity Fund with the announcement of successful application expected next month.

Tweed Coast Koala Advisory Group Committee chairman Councillor Dot Holdom said the trees would be planted in areas that had known koala populations.

“They will be in and around the areas where research shows that we have koala populations,” Cr Holdom said.

The Tweed’s application is competing with applications from western districts where mechanical planting means lower costs.

“You have got to look at the topography of the Tweed to realise that mechanical planting is not possible,” she said.

“However what has to be remembered is that we have a really good strike rate for planting.”

Cr Holdom said the regeneration projects would not be possible without the support of landholders and they all have a say.

“You can’t force people into this (land regeneration),” Cr Holdom said.

“There will be landholders who embrace this (land regeneration) and it will be done.”

Let’s hope this money goes where it’s most needed!


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