What To Do When You See An Injured Koala?

Ted the koala was rescued on Monday in Bellbird Park and delivered to the RSPCA. He was released again the next day (Claudia Baxter).

WHEN you see an injured native animal on your travels, what would you do?

Most of us would feel sorry for it and wish we could do something, but do you know who to call or how to go about helping it?

An astute Ipswich couple spotted an injured koala and knew to call the RSPCA’s emergency ambulance, and he was delivered to the shelter at Wacol on Monday.

RSPCA media spokesman Michael Beatty said Ted, the koala, was spotted limping slowly down the road in Bellbird Park.

“A couple saw him and worried about him being hit by a car,” Mr Beatty said yesterday.

“So they bundled him up in a rug and brought him to the Wildlife Hospital.Turns out he’d just given his paw a bad bump or was hit by something.

“He was deemed okay to be re-released and that happened on Tuesday night.

“Leonie Rickard, our wildlife officer, said a very nice old lady lent her a trolley to push him into the bush as he was pretty heavy to carry.”

A Redbank man, who doesn’t want to be named, found an injured kangaroo in “a mess” between Grandchester and Rosewood, and stopped a bus full of school children from hitting the roo.

“I saw this thing in middle road smashed to pieces so held my hand up to stop the bus,” the man told the QT yesterday.

“It was going off its brain and although I was worried about getting scratched to pieces I threw a dressing gown on it, bundled it into the car and took it to the vet.”

The roo was put down, which Mr Beatty said was usual for the breed. “But we still recommend people call the hotline and report any injuries,” he said.

Help hotline

To report injured wildlife, phone 1300 ANIMAL 24 hours a day.

If it is after hours, they will then refer you to a local carer who can come and collect the animal.

Phone the RSPCA on 3426 9999.

Source: http://www.qt.com.au/story/2012/07/27/if-ted-needs-a-hand-who-you-gonna-call/

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