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This comment on developer-speak under a koala article in the Sunshine Coast Daily speaks more for the perspective of local residents perspective on habitat conservation than many journalists could convey.

Those of us with longer memories recall the tragedy that was the development of Peregian Springs on unique koala habitat. Hundreds died. Developer-speak for habitat loss can be ‘conservation area’ / ‘bushland reserve’ / ‘habitat restoration plan’ etc, but whatever they say, this development WILL be another nail in the coffin of Australia’s iconic koala, as habitat is lost through development approvals compromised by devaluating environmental integrity. Vegetation remaining on the lowlands of the Noosa shire is unique and is minimised with each development. In other (more aware) places, special habitat vegetation is identified, buffered and conserved – and the remaining land considered for residential development. But, hey, this is Queensland……….

By intherightplace from Caloundra, 5 days ago

The number of disenfranchised residents voicing their concerns across the internet is increasing, as communities bear witness to the demise of koala populations across the koala coast heading rapidly towards extinction in the wild.


3rd October 2012 6:00 AM

NOOSA on Weyba developers have put a plan into place to support Noosa’s dwindling koala populations – but it may not be enough.

A Friends of Lake Weyba member, Noosa veterinarian Mark Powell, said the developer’s koala protection measures could not disguise the fact that the developer was endeavouring to introduce more than 2000 new residents to a high value habitat area that currently has 250 residents.

Noosa on Weyba development director Steve Macrae said future residents of the Mantle Group’s Noosa on Weyba project would fund a koala protection levy.

The levy would be paid through community title contributions to retain and restore habitats.

Dr Powell said the three biggest killers of koalas were cars, domestic dogs and disease and the common factor linking all three was habitat fragmentation.


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