Greens Condemn "Mindless Destruction" Of Koala Habitat

ONGOING concern over logging at Pine Creek prompted a notice of motion from the NSW Greens condemning the lack of action to protect the important koala population south of Coffs Harbour on Tuesday.

Greens forestry spokesman David Shoebridge described the logging operations at Bermagui State Forest and Pine Creek State Forest as “mindless destruction”.

Mr Shoebridge called on the state government for an immediate commitment to halt logging in the forests.

“All state forests with potential for koala populations must be surveyed in order to permanently protect koala habitat from logging,” he said.

“The people of NSW have a right to know that the government is doing everything in its power to ensure logging of public forests is not exterminating the remnant koala populations.”

As well as condemnation of the government, Mr Shoebridge called for an investigation and prosecution of Forests NSW for what he describes as its “flouting of regulations surrounding the protection of koalas”.

“We are rapidly losing an animal which is iconic. Every tourist, every school kid-every Australian-wants to know that our koalas are being looked after by governments, both state and federal,” Mr Shoebridge.

Forests NSW have previously said that they have gone above and beyond the requirements of the Pine Creek State Forest Koala Management Plan and that protection zones have been implemented.

Story First Published: 17th Oct 2012 4:01 PM


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