Chesty Bond The Koala Released At Denmark Hill Conservation Estate

Chesty Bond the koala is released by Ipswich Koala Protection Society at Denmark Hill Conservation Estate. Source: Quest Newspapers

Chesty Bond the koala wasn’t too happy at all the attention his release back into the wild had generated.

The six-year-old cried out for a while after he scrambled to the top of a tree at the Denmark Hill Conservation Estate.

But Ipswich Koala Protection Society president Ruth Lewis was happy that Chesty Bond’s story had a happy ending, after he had spent a month in hospital being nursed back to health.

Chesty Bond was found in a backyard on Warwick Rd, Churchill. He was weak, after falling out of the pool and managing to climb out.

TIP: If you find an injured koala and it is on the ground, put something over it such as a washing basket, box, with something heavy on it. Remember they have really sharp claws and teeth.

Call the Ipswich Koala Protection Society on 0419 760 127 or 0417 604 761.

“Once I had him caged, I could see his eyes were quite crusty with conjunctivitis, which is part of the chlamydia, a stress-related disease, basically through loss of habitat. Southeast Queensland koalas tend to break out a lot more than anywhere else,” she said.

Ms Lewis estimated that Ipswich had about 3000 koalas, with population centres around Mt Forbes, Rosewood, Ebenezer, Amberley and Willowbank.

“Koalas can co-exist with industry, it is probably better than housing, if they don’t knock all the trees down,” she said.

“The biggest threat to Ipswich koalas at the moment is the Ebenezer industrial estate and mining. It just happens to be where all our healthy koalas live.”

Ms Lewis said the ‘Koala Coast’ at Redlands alone had seen a 68 per cent decrease in koala population over 10 years, and other areas, such as Springfield, had koala populations that were “functionally extinct”.

“We’re lucky we have a big healthy population of koalas here in Ipswich, that’s why it’s great Ipswich City Council has been a part of it. They sponsor one of our ambulances, and they have supported us for many years,” she said.

Story By Jane Chudleigh, Ipswich News From, November 01, 2012 9:21AM


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