Ask Minister Burke To Protect Leard Forest's Koalas, Reject Maules Creek Mine

The NSW Government’s Planning and Assessment Commission has given the go-ahead for the Maules Creek coal mine in North West NSW, which threatens to destroy forever precious koala habitat in Leard Forest.

Even though the area is mapped as ‘tier one biodiversity land’ in the NSW Government’s own strategic regional land use policy, they have given the mine the go ahead.

Now our federal environment laws and the federal Environment Minister Tony Burke are the only things stopping the mine from proceeding.

Tell Environment Minister Tony Burke that that the Leard Forest with its koala population and threatened species is too precious to lose.

Here are the facts:

  • The Leard Forest is the largest remaining biodiversity refuge on the already heavily cleared Liverpool Plains in North West NSW.

  • This remnant forest is at risk of destruction because of a massive open-cut coal mine, which if allowed to go ahead, will completely destroy an equivalent 2800 football fields of forest.

  • Leard Forest is home to a koala population that is now at serious risk of losing the habitat that ensures its survival.

  • The area proposed to be cleared is also home to 26 threatened plant and animal species, including owls, bats, birds and the koala.

  • Two endangered ecological communities will be impacted including the destruction of 544 hectares of one of the largest remaining stands of the critically endangered Grassy White Box ecosystem.

  • The Ecological Impact Assessment states that the mine could have a substantial impact on local biodiversity and threatened species.

  • If the forest is destroyed these koalas will have nowhere else to go and they will not survive.

  • Write to Minister Burke and ask him to use his power to reject the Maules Creek Mine under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 (C’th) to protect the koala.


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