30 Sick And Dead Koalas In Maryborough

Image: Blainey Woodham

THE fight for koalas to survive in the modern day continued over the weekend when an activist group rescued an animal from the outskirts of Maryborough.

Tree climbing experts from the Sunshine Coast have been prominent in the past week, being called upon to scale tall eucalypts to capture and rescue sick koalas in the region.

Members of the Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue group were instrumental in bringing aid to koalas.

And the danger to members of the group was real, as the combination of ropes and harnesses held rescuers 40-50m above the ground.

The number of sick and dead koalas found on the outskirts of Maryborough numbers almost 30 in the past six weeks.

“During the (past) week we had a call to check on koalas that looked all right,” koala activist Natalie Richardson said.

“They were in Tinana near the Police Paddock and the other one was in Henderson Park in Tinana.

“The calls were consistent; we heard the koala was stuck on Thursday in Pioneer Park and we checked on it on Friday and it was obviously sick.

“It was 30m plus up a tree with another 15m that it could have climbed so it was a tree climbing job.

“It was a bugger of a site to get into because of the undergrowth.”

Ms Richardson said the Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue group was contacted on Friday.

Story By Mat Nott - 6th Jan 2013 5:58 PM

Source: http://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/group-reports-30-sick-and-dead-koalas/1707260/

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