Koala Creche Takes Cuteness To New Heights

IT can be a bit overwhelming for a one-year-old koala who is now getting a taste of the world without mum.

Luca has recently been weaned and moved to “koala creche” at Taronga Zoo, where he needed a bit of a snuggle. But, without mum, he chose to cuddle on to the back of two-year-old Ash.

Ash is like a trusted big brother to Luca and Pepper, another recently weaned one-year-old male, a zoo spokeswoman said.

“Ash is a very tolerant two-year-old male, a great role model for the one-year-olds,” the spokeswoman said.

“Normally the males are seen sitting side by side or in close proximity, but for whatever reason on this particular day, Luca wanted to get a bit closer.

“It’s certainly unusual to see two male koalas like this, it’s usually a behaviour associated with a mother and her joey, however given that Luca is only young and recently weaned from his mother, Luca appears to be using Ash as a surrogate mother.”

Male koalas become fully grown around three to four and in the future Luca, Ash and Pepper will be paired with a female group.

Picture: Luca and Ash, by Tony Britt-Lewis

Source: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/nsw-act/koala-creche-takes-cuteness-to-new-heights/story-fndo4bst-1226593572204

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