Council Acts To Preserve Koala Land After Tinana Clearing

EDITORIAL: Fraser Coast councillors have listened to the concerns expressed by the Chronicle and our readers about the risks of destroying koala habitat in our region.

On Wednesday, the regional council passed Deputy Mayor George Seymour’s motion that it should prepare a plan to protect koalas.

Ideas on the table include land acquisition and establishing habitat corridors.

As the Chronicle pointed out when we reported the July 9 bulldozing of two hectares of known koala habitat in Tinana without proper supervision, the entire species is at risk.

They are vulnerable to feral animals, to vehicles, to chlamydia and to destruction of their habitat.

With nowhere to live, our state’s animal emblem will simply die.

The council is to be commended for yesterday’s decision, and we will watch the outcome with interest.

Congratulations to Cr Seymour for the motion, and to Crs Hansen and Garland for their strong support.

Interestingly, the council vote was unanimous.

So congratulations also to Mayor O’Connell, who has correctly softened his position that the Tinana developer had every right to continue with the project and there was no need to audit past approvals to prevent a similar situation.

Our readers’ outrage over the habitat destruction shows the love our region has for these fragile creatures.

The council plan, if well executed and with due consideration of the need to develop our region, has the potential to reduce further losses.

Story By John Grey,18th Jul 2013 2:02 PM.

Photo By Robyne Cuerel.


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