Logging For Fuel Will Kill Koalas

Logging native forests for fuel for power stations will destroy koala habitats, increase air pollution and boost greenhouse gas emissions, says Greens MP John Kaye.

The NSW Environmental Protection Agency has flagged changing the regulations that currently prohibit the burning of native forests to generate energy.

Under the changes, trees that might otherwise have been made into pulp could be burnt for electricity generation.

Dr Kaye says the move its designed to rescue an already heavily subsidised but failing woodchip industry.

‘The O’Farrell government is about to expose the native forests of NSW to a whole new form of exploitation, with appalling consequences for the survival of native animals, the health of the local environment and the state’s carbon emissions,’ he said in a statement on Saturday.

Dr Kaye said the government was throwing the industry a lifeline so it could ‘continue to harvest tax payers’ dollars’ while escalating the destruction of the state’s natural heritage.

‘Sound economic and environmental policy would have long ago stopped wood chipping and other low value-added exploitation of the state’s native forests,’ he added.

Dr Kaye slammed the government for allowing the industry to turn koala habitat into electricity, while boosting emissions.

‘Allowing native animal habitat to be turned into electricity is neither green nor economically sound.’

Source: http://www.skynews.com.au/eco/article.aspx?id=889462

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