Gloria, Her Own Worst Enemy

PEREGIAN’S dedicated but increasingly desperate community koala spotters fear a liking for a beach life could be a fatal attraction for their latest “pin-up girl”.

Gloria, the young female koala found last week at beach access 51, had to be rescued again by Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue last Monday after being spotted back in the same spot.

One of her worried would-be protectors, Lyn Bollen, said Gloria was showing the same signs of reckless behaviour as Little Lynnie – another young female rescued and relocated from the beach multiple times in 2010.

Gloria’s relocation to an area of national park west of the potentially deadly David Low Way comes after a male koala, Lucky, turned up on the scene after more than a year’s absence.

“We have real fears for Gloria’s safety, the same as we had for Little Lynnie – she was another young female, but more towards mid-Peregian,” Lyn said.

“She (Lynnie) kept looking for her own territory and kept crossing the road.

“She was actually rescued and relocated three times and on the third occasion – this one actually literally crossed over at the supermarket on a Friday night.”

Lyn said Little Lynnie was such as a risk to herself she was relocated to far west Peregian.

“We actually haven’t had a sighting of her since,” she said.

“A few weeks ago when we had a sighting we thought it might have been Little Lynnie, but we were able to confirm from photographs that it wasn’t. “As far as we’re concerned, with her, no news is good news …we’re trying to keep hope that she is okay in west Peregian.”

Lyn said Gloria was spotted on Monday. “The fact is she made her way back to where she was, across the David Low Way in the space of three days,” Lyn said.

“We were hoping she would stay over there because Lucky was over there – once they start going back to a certain location it’s not the best thing (for their survival).

“Where Lucky was found was a pretty narrow strip near a dog beach.

“There weren’t a lot of food trees around, and it backs on to the David Low Way.”

Lyn is appealing to anyone in the Peregian to Marcus Beach area who sees a koala on the eastern side of David Low Way to contact Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue on 0423 618 740 so they can be relocated.

“They’re far too vulnerable over there … Gloria’s gone back over there and had to be rescued a second time.

“We’re starting to learn that this is very similar to Little Lynnie – we called her a ‘beach chic’ – she is a vibrant little character.

“We can all sit here and watch them all slowly be eliminated or we can do something to try and save their lives.”

Story By: Peter Gardiner 9th Aug 2013 9:09 AM.


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