Animal Al Mucci Relocates A Koala From Monterey Keys Highlighting The Need For Wildlife Corridors

This story really highlights the need for wildlife corridors in new urban developments.

Dreamworld’s Al Mucci is on the frontline of koala conservation, yet he regularly sees sick, dead and injured wildlife on the way to work.

Here’s some slightly more upbeat documentation surrounding this very sad issue.

Al relocated a wild koala from a suburban Monterey Keys home to nearby bushland recently, the koala is just another victim of our urban development planning without consideration for wildlife corridors to allow safe passage for koalas to move around.

Luckily the koala had avoided dogs and cars travelling across a busy road and most likely a local river to get to where he was.

The Courier Mail spoke to the resident as he tried unsuccessfully to get someone out to assist which was a task as the koala was not injured.

Enter Dreamworld’s Animal Al! Capturing and relocating the wild koala. Here’s a great action shot of the male koala (approximately 2 years, in great condition) as it was released back into the wild in a safe location.

Great work Animal Al!

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