Aboriginal Elder Calls For Koala Cull Over Relocation In Framlington Forest, Victoria

ABORIGINAL elder Lenny Clarke has suggested a koala culling program be considered due to overpopulation and a lack of vegetation at the Framlingham Forest.

Sections of the gum forest have been stripped of vegetation, something which has been a problem in the past both at Framlingham Forest and Tower Hill.

Relocation of koalas has previously helped the starving marsupials and their habitats.

Mr Clarke said he had been part of a castration and relocation program in the past which provided relief when koala numbers got out of control.

“I know that a suggested culling program in the past received worldwide coverage because it seems that just about every child in Europe has had a koala toy to cuddle,” he said.

“But this is an Australian problem and all the options need to be considered if the problem is as bad as it seems. These thing go in cycles and it seems we’re experiencing a lack of food for koalas and the trees are obviously being damaged.”

The Aboriginal elder said the Australian Koala Foundation had in the past wanted to introduce chlamydia to the Framlingham koala population — a move he strongly opposed.

“Because we have a very isolated population it’s extremely healthy,” he said. “These are among the healthiest koalas in Australia and we should consider culling, all options need to be considered,” he said.

“Most of Australia has been taken up in farming and that’s led to a diminished feeding areas for koalas. It’s time to face facts.

“Culling has been done privately or through a lack vegetation. In the past we’ve had five koalas an acre in the forest when we were are only supposed to have one koala an acre.

“I understand all the koala foundation wants to do is save koalas, but overpopulation is cruel to the animals.”

Mr Clarke said he wasn’t keen about the idea of eating koala.

“I’m a 21st century Australian, I’m more likely to eat at Aldi than eat koala,” he said.

Photo: Sticky situation: A koala nestles in a tree at Framlingham Forest.

Source: http://www.standard.net.au/story/1898739/koori-elder-calls-for-cull-as-koalas-strip-framlingham-forest/?cs=72

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