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The human appetite for development has seen animals like the iconic koala fighting for survival.

But now technology is being harnessed to find out more about where koalas are setting up camp, and how humans are affecting them.

Alex Harris is a tech-savvy koala lover, who has created and self-funded Koala Tracker, a website that collects information that is crucial to understanding the impact of humans on the animals.

Ms Harris says the site aims to collect more complex and useful information than just how many koalas are out there.

“One of the reasons the scientific committee rejected listing the koala as endangered, or even vulnerable on three separate occasions, is because they said they didn’t have enough information,” she said.

“So we’ve got a national data base and map, where we’re recording for the public record the location intelligence on the koala populations, points of contact and causes of death and injury.

“That’s critically important because we can’t do anything for the koala if we don’t know where they live, if we don’t know what’s killing them and where that is happening.”

Alex Harris, creator of Koala Tracker

Producer: Aimee Volkofsky

Image: A baby koala clings to its mother's back (Dave Hunt: AAP).


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