Is The Redland Koala Logo Relevant To The Perceived Aims Of The Council?

“Nothing stays the same” as the saying goes and I think it’s time we all agreed that Redland City Council’s logo is overdue for an update.

Logos are aimed at representing the ideals and aims of the company or organisation it represents, and we all need to face up to the fact that ours is hopelessly past its use-by date.

What relevance has the koala to do with the ideals and aims of this council?

There have been many examples that indicate quite the opposite, topped off wonderfully by the recent approval of the development of the “slums of the future” at Thornlands. It’s inconceivable that any community-minded individuals, let alone those elected “by the people, for the people” could contemplate and then approve this 244-lot development containing blocks not much bigger than the size of a couple of council offices put together.

Koalas? What koalas? All that’s left to do is agree on what logo must represent the aim and ideals of our current council leaders. Bring in the sign makers.

Mitchell Smith, Thornlands


This image was adopted in 1995 as part of the Vision 2005, a community consultation process which developed a blueprint for the future growth of the Redlands.

It brings together those aspects of the City that Redlanders say they treasure most:

  • Clean air

  • Islands

  • Foreshore

  • Bushland, and

  • Sailboats to celebrate the bayside lifestyle

And never out of sight is the Redlands rich wildlife – as depicted by the koala – cleverly formed from all of the other design elements.

The colours used also have great meaning to the community:

  • Red represents the red soil and poinciana blossoms

  • Green, the abundant bushland

  • Blue, beautiful Moreton Bay, and

  • Yellow, the extensive foreshores

The style of the identity shows a progressive and forward-looking organisation through the use of striking colours and clean, contemporary lines.


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