Even The Native Animals Are Having Trouble With The Heat

Cobram wildlife carer James Leonard trying to keep Mulberry the koala cool in the hot conditions. Picture: BEN EYLES

THEY have koalas and possums under the air conditioner in their lounge room and joeys lazing on their front porch.

In the last heatwave, Cobram wildlife carers Kylee Donkers and her husband James Leonard, from Dutch Thunder Wildlife Care and Rescue, had 11 koalas in their lounge room and were called to 28 rescues.

“We literally had koalas and possums falling out of the trees,” Ms Donkers said.

This round of sizzling temperatures, they expected to be inundated again, adding to the brood of wildlife still recovering from critical dehydration.

There’s two infant koalas still in the lounge room along with a baby brush-tail possum, while joeys unsuccessfully try and catch a breeze in Thursday’s still heat, licking their paws and hind legs in an effort to lower their body temperatures.

“Kangaroos seem to cope a bit better,” Mr Leonard said.

“They’ve got their own cooling system.”

The volunteer carers said people who find a hot creature should put buckets out or leave a sprinkler on, but don’t squirt them down.

The couple welcome any donations — from cash to old cots, blankets to aviaries.

For information, phone 0417 560 910.

Story By TAMMY MILLS | Feb. 1, 2014, midnight

Source: http://www.bordermail.com.au/story/2059737/even-the-natives-are-having-trouble/

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