Nev Snaps Koalas Drinking From Dam

NEV Walker from Havelock snapped these photos of koalas drinking water at his property last week.

One of the koalas, fondly named “Charlie”, has been at the property, between Maryborough and Dunolly, for about 12 months.

“We’ve been here 26 years and we’ve had koalas come in and out for the past 26 years,” Mr Walker said.

“I’ve seen numerous koalas drink water – a lot of people say they don’t drink water but I’ve seen them.”

Mr Walker is not sure if the koala is male or female but decided Charlie was a name to suit either sex.

Mr Walker’s photo of Charlie drinking from a dam was taken during last week’s hot weather.

“We had a second koala here. It came down on Wednesday last week and then Charlie came down on that hot Saturday we had,” he said.

“Charlie will come down to the dam on the hot days and he’ll sit there for half an hour on the edge of the water.

“Then he’ll bend down and have a drink every now and again.”

Mr Walker spoke to the Bendigo Advertiser on Tuesday morning after checking on Charlie.

“I’ve just come down from the dam now and he’s in a tree near the dam at the moment,” he said about 8am.

“I took a photo of that second koala coming down, I’ve named it Billy, drinking water out of our fishpond last Wednesday,” he said.

“After drinking water out of the fishpond, it sat by the fishpond at the base of a tree.

“It was obviously hot. They can’t take their fur coat off, can they?”

Charlie the Koala at Nev Walker's dam last week. Charlie the Koala at Nev Walker's dam last week.

Story By Hannah Knight | Feb. 18, 2014, 8:12 a.m.


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