South East Forest Alliance lobbying for Koala Park - Nowra to the Victorian border!

koala sitting on a branch

Photo: John Hamparsum

If you're going to do something, go large. At least, this is message from the South East Forest Alliance to the NSW Government.

Convenor of the South East Forest Alliance, Noel Plumb said “The (recently announced) Flora Reserves are welcome, however a big area of state forest near Batemans Bay, which is also important koala habitat and forms a koala corridor is now going to be decimated to compensate the logging industry”.

“This area needs protection immediately if this announcement by the NSW Government is going to mean the long-term recovery of the koala population. Even with the Flora Reserves the small and vulnerable population is only one wildfire away from being wiped out.”

John Perkins, for SEFA group Friends of Durras said, “It is simply unacceptable that the Batemans Bay forests be targeted for yet more intensive logging. We have already seen a marked acceleration in the rate and intensity of logging over the last few years which is destroying wildlife habitat and effectively turning our wonderful natural forests into pseudo plantations favouring current “commercial” species. It is drying out the forests and making them more prone to wildfires that threaten our coastal communities.”

Original Article: Narooma News

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