Gold Coast Urban Expansion Illustrated

Here’s a scary look at how quickly the urban landscape is expanding into the most fertile koala habitat on the planet!

The Satellite images were taken from 1988 to 2009 by the Geoscience Australia’s Earth Observation and Satellite Imagery.

Original Source :

In this false colour swipe comparison, urban areas appear as shades of cyan and purple, dry vegetation and soil as magenta to red, and forest or irrigated vegetation as shades of green. Parklands and ovals appear as bright green. Water bodies appear dark blue to black. Notice the large amount bare ground and cleared land by its pink colour, which is in development in the 1988 image. Almost entire northern region of the Gold Coast including Coomera, Oxenford and Pacific Pines appears over the time skip. Quite visible are the changes to Advancetown Lake, as the reservoir is still in development in the 1988 image. Also around Clear Island Waters and Varsity Lakes many other man-made water bodies have emerged.

NOTE: Original Data is no longer available on the Government Website. Google Maps has the following offering (1984 to 2012):

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