Vandal Attack Spurs Community To Defend Their Environment


AN ACT of pure vandalism in 2008 has resulted in the formation of a neighbourhood group that keeps getting stronger with each year.

The residents of Spoonbill St, Peregian Beach, were galvanised by the poisoning in April, 2008, of two 17-year-old koala food trees.

Angered and determined not to have a repeat of the vandalism, they came together as the Spoonbillians to defend their environment and how they lived in it.

The group signed on to council’s Living Smart Homes program, hosted an annual garage sale to promote re-use and recycling over dumping to landfill and created a Bushcare group to look after the green space that united them.

Residents also have tracked local wild koalas, raised money to foster koalas and backed conservation strategies in conjunction with the Australian Koala Foundation.

They have set up a battery-recycling collection point with the help of Battery World and promoted community safety and emergency planning.

This week the group was one of 16 in south-east Queensland to secure a $5000 Energex Sustainability and Environment Fund grant, which will be used to buy a trailer to support its Bushcare activities.

It will be offered for use to other Peregian groups engaged in Landcare projects.

Spoonbill St project coordinator Lyn Bollen said they were thrilled to secure the grant.

She said the group’s success came from the strong partnerships it had formed with Noosa and District Landcare and the council.

“Without those and other stakeholders and supporters, Spoonbill may not be as active in sustainability and environmental issues as it is today,” Ms Bollen said.

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