Gene Pool 'Ark' Created To Save Koalas

The Australian Koala Foundation is deeply concerned about the future of Australia's Koalas in the wild in south east Queensland.

Issues facing Koalas in the wild in south-east Queensland:

  • attacks by dogs and cats

  • their habitat is cleared to make way for houses and other development

  • killed or maimed by cars and trucks

  • ineffective local and state government policy

Dreamworld's 'Animal Al' Mucci (photographed) is leading a mission to preserve the genetics of small-population koalas, to prevent these pockets from inbreeding themselves out of existence entirely. It is a last-gasp approach to the devastation caused by inept planning and development.

The living koala gene pool is part of a $1.8 million dollar program to preserve what little is left.

Koala Land is hopeful that the funded FutureLab program will go a long way to change hearts and minds about the fragility of our wildlife.

Article First Published:

Story By: Tony Moore.

#conservation #localcouncil #government #planningrequirements

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