Australia's Shameful Koala Mismanagement Continues Unabated

Time Has Run Out For The Koala

No where to left to climb. Nothing left to eat.

In yet another 'too little, too late' move, the Queensland Government has sought to save a few koalas from certain death rather than preserve their habitat and celebrate their continued viability in one of the last remaining habitats on the south-east coast.

Because of a lack of co-habitation-friendly development policy, natural forest in the Coomera region has been replaced with housing estates and other development.

No known government and no known developer in Australia is planning with anything beyond a 'rip-and-replace' mentality, meaning that all wildlife, including the Koala - listed in Queensland and New South Wales as a vulnerable species - have their populations decimated with wild abandon. With full approval from local, state, and federal governments.

The last few koalas in the Coomera region have been thrown a life saver by Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation after being granted a special permit from the State Government of Queensland. The very last population of known koalas in a small acreage of forest required a permit in order to be allowed to be saved. Forest that the local and state governments in the area gave up to developers - knowing fully that a vulnerable species lived in the area - and with no planning for viable wildlife corridors or any form of viable co-habitation planning.

And yet there is no doubt the Queensland Government is patting themselves on the back for this 'altruistic' move on their behalf. Our government has so little care for the creatures under its protection that it reaches out to private enterprise to do the work that its environment department is charged to do under its charter.

We can only hope that Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation are able to safely move these last surviving koalas to a habitat that can sustain them.

Here is a worrying question: are there any koalas left in the South-East of Queensland in the wild?

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