Value of a Koala

startled koala in an urban environment

At Koala Land, we would like to know how much you think a koala is worth. We want to ask questions like:

  • What is the value of conservation?

  • Are koalas worth saving?

  • How much do you think koalas are worth?

  • Would you contribute to a levy if you lived in koala habitat?

  • Would you contribute towards buying land to save koalas? How much?

  • Do you think that koalas and humans can live together?

  • What can we do to help koalas now?

  • What are your ideas?

  • What are you already doing to help koalas?



Considering that a koala in captivity costs about $8000 per year to keep healthy, and moving koalas costs more than $10,000 per koala, what would a koala in the wild cost? Think about the value of the land, trees, water and carbon. Some have said that koalas in the wild could be worth up to $20m each! What do you think?